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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


hah? again....hurm... its not about him cheated on me or whatever ....
but its my decision to break off..
i make this decision coz i think both of us was not suitable together..
im kind of childish..
and he is THE MeN..
men that busy with his work, friends and No 100% commitment for LOVE..
and i? student??? many extra time ... LOVED..CHILDISH..craving for sweet love...

its difficult for me to understand me..
and HIM to understand what i need..
and how to treat me in a good way...

and i decided to break off..
with 300 words i sent through his INBOX in fb..
explaining all thing that i want him to hear...
from the bottom of my heart..

then i texted him..
"abang bukak fb jap ye..sila baca inbox"

after 10 minutes

he reply:
"abang dah baca and paham, abang minta maap"

antara msg2 yg dia reply berbunyi di atas..
then i only reply

simple rite??
but its means much

people will see me smile every second and minutes..
but they don't know what really i feel..
sometimes, when we really sad..we no need to express it all...
keep it as ur own secret...
face the faith and keep patient..
because something happen for a reason..
ALLAH will tested u with ur capability only...

so keep praying to ALLAH..
maybe one day ALLAH we show u...
who's really be ur FAITH...
coz ALLAH had wrote all that..

and TODAY...with heartbroken and sweet smile :)
alia mad desa has to move on~!!
keep smile and happy always...
later ALLAH will show something to me...
ALLAH will give me a happiness ...
i will wait till that day..


p/s: be strong and dont look back again nurul alia mad desa...

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